About Kurt Maxxon Racing Team

Kurt Maxxon Racing is the team featured in the Kurt Maxxon Series. These amateur sleuth mystery novels are being written by Jim Overturf and feature Kurt Maxxon, a retired fighter pilot from the United States Marine Corps.

The team competes in the Swift River Valley Stock Car Racing Association (SRVSCRA), a fictitious racing league running at nine different municipal tracks that are paved and 7/8 to one mile long.

As Kurt Maxxon travels to the various tracks to compete in the Sunday races, he often discovers a dead body. Since he is involved in the discovery, Kurt feels a “vested interest” in making sure the crime is solved correctly.

Kurt finds opportunities and open doors because of his popularity and reputation, and learns clues that help him flush out the real killer.

Gunning for the Finish

When Kurt Maxxon arrives at the Centralia Racetrack, he is confronted by a gun-wielding man with a wad of cash in his free hand. Inside the driver’s lounge, Kurt finds the body of local race driver Melvyn Hightower—shot dead—his wallet rifled. Kurt has no doubt the gun-wielding man did it—until they can’t find the dead man’s racecar. Who shot Melvyn Hightower? Why? Where is Melvyn’s car? Kurt is surrounded by possibilities, but no clear answers. The facts are leading to nothing but dead ends. Could this be the first case Kurt cannot solve?

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carpentier falls2010
Carpentier Falls
Paperback, 336 Pages

Two young African-American boys stumble onto the dead body of Kurt’s good friend, Carlos Guerrero, owner of the Trattoria Restaurant, serving Cuban cuisine. read the first chapter

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kings rapids2009
Paperback, 260 pages

Race driver Kurt Maxxon’s quiet life of racing stockcars and training his new puppy, Beau, is turned upside down after he finds well-known local driver Rusty Gallegar shot to death at the racetrack. more


Paperback, 260 pages


Kurt Maxxon has been a successful stock car race driver for a decade. But when he arrives at the Masonville Oval racetrack and finds the bludgeoned body. more