When stock car race driver Kurt Maxxon arrives at the Masonville racetrack late Thursday night, he sees a blue Corvette leave and speed away.

The next morning when he discovers the bludgeoned body of Elaine Willowby, general manager of the track, in the garage of the Corvette driver, and the murder weapon appears to be a large breaker bar from that driver’s toolbox, Kurt quickly becomes an amateur sleuth.

Kurt believes he is obligated to help find the murderer, but while the police focus on the missing Corvette driver, Kurt looks elsewhere. Through masterful logic and innovative approaches, Kurt works through his own list of suspects until he forces the killer to make a move.

The first novel in the Kurt Maxxon series, Masonville takes you on a wild ride through the world of stock car racing, murder, and mystery


Excerpt from MASONVILLEĀ 

I waited for the police to interrogate me. The sun was getting higher in the sky. A few puffy clouds cluttered the edges, but the sky was mostly azure blue overhead. The day was warming up nicely and flowering trees gave the air a pleasant scent.

They’d left Elaine lying where I’d found her. In the early going I’d wandered outside the lounge to pace off nervous energy. I paced to where I might catch sight of Elaine, but stopped before I actually saw her. As time passed I became concerned that if they didn’t remove Elaine’s body soon, the odor would outdo the flowering trees. The police photographers had come and gone. The forensic lab people had marked and measured everything in the garage, but no one seemed to care about Elaine. Maybe they had forgotten about her.