Meet Nikki


During Kurt’s racing career, Nikki has been a Ford Thunderbird, a Ford Mustang, a Ford Taurus, and currently is a Ford Fusion. The color scheme when Kurt was driving Nikki was always red over white. In the SRVSCRA Nikki has always been the #27 car.

Kurt switched to the in 2006 and it became known as Angie’s car. And then Angie decided she wanted something more unique and so she had Nikki’s color scheme changed to blue gradients and flames.

Nikki’s engines have always been built by Maurey Kennedy, a long-time friend of Kurt’s father. The engines start as Ford 351 cubic inch bare blocks. The block is sleeved for large bores; and a “stroker” kit is installed to increase RPMs. Valve seats are hardened and specially ground to fit. Cams are handmade.

Nikki uses special gearboxes, but the rest of the drivetrain is pretty standard.

Nikki’s body is modified to lighten it, which means removing everything that is not essential to racing. Inside the gutted body, Kurt’s team builds what is known as a roll-cage, designed basically to protect a driver from the body collapsing in on him or her. A lot of crash-related energy can be absorbed or routed away even in the worst crash. To further enhance safety, Kurt has a specially designed, molded-to-fit seat and safety harness system installed.

Nikki has been a special companion to Kurt over the years. Now, Nikki—with her new “make-up”—is Angie’s companion and counselor; Angie’s special lady.